Searching for a new home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. It can also be very stressful… making it hard for many of us to pull the trigger.  This is called “primitive brain” (I’m serious). How do you balance giving yourself “due diligence” in your home search but make a decision at the same time? There’s no magic number of homes you should look at, nor is there a secret formula for knowing which one is the right one to buy… but there are some “signs” that will help you know when you’ve found HOME….

  •        You begin to feel possessive about it. You find yourself calling it “my house” in your conversations and defend its various flaws.
  •        You dream about it. Really!
  •        You think about where your furniture, Christmas tree and décor would look fit perfectly.
  •        You want to stop looking at other homes because nothing else seems appealing anymore.
  •        You find yourself so excited about it that you send links and pictures of it to your friends and family.
  •        It fits your basic needs and has most of your “wish list”.

In case you are curious, the National Association of Realtors says that the typical homebuyer views 10 homes before making a purchase. My very unscientific Facebook poll revealed that most people viewed an average of 12. Interesting! I think searching for a home is a lot like finding a wedding dress. Your gut is usually right and the first one you try on could very likely be “it”. Don’t let that scare you… embrace it!