Why Work With

Carolina Moon Realty, LLC

A Modern, Boutique Style Agency… For A Select Few

Tired of…

Exorbitant fees used to subsidize systems and products you don’t use?

At CMR… There are no monthly fees or hefty commission splits. We’ve eliminated all of the useless overhead and are focused on doing business in today’s world: virtual, mobile, efficient

Building someone else’s brand and not yourself?

At CMR… We encourage you to build YOUR brand and do it YOUR way. Real estate is a people business that’s built on trust and relationships. Buyers and sellers are hiring you, not a brand.

BIC’s that are hard to get a hold of and not up to date with what’s current?

At CMR… You will receive same-day support from a BIC who is active in the business as well as the local, state and national REALTOR® Associations.

Having to ask permission to run your business the way you want, then being told no?

At CMR… You will have freedom to act within your rights as an independent contractor to make decisions that most benefit you and your clients.

Meetings and mandatory training that aren’t interesting or applicable to what you need?

At CMR… We offer resources and relevant enrichment sessions that teach you how to have longevity in this business by cultivating your own leads; not being dependent on costly systems.

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